8 Things Your Compensation Lawyer Will Need To Review And Assess Your Injury Claim Case

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A workers compensation lawyer is best placed to help you with your compensation claim. The initial consultation session with your lawyer can help you determine whether or not to go forward with your claim,  depending on the merits of your case.

For a clear and accurate assessment, the lawyer will need specific information from you, including the following:

1. A clear summary of the accident.

Include dates, specific times, a summary of what you were doing when the accident took place and your injuries following the incident. Based on this information, your compensation lawyer can help you determine whether or not yours meets the threshold to be classed as a work-related injury.

2. Your employment records

Valuable information on this includes, but is not limited to, the date of hire, your job title and the job description and specific duties that come with the title. This information will help to establish that you did, indeed, have the mandate to be doing what you were doing when the accident happened and the benefits you are eligible for.

3. A copy of the notice that you gave to your employer after the fact and the date when you gave the notice. If you have already started an injury claim, the lawyer will also need to look at any exchanges or correspondence shared between you and your employer regarding this matter.

4. Contact information for the supervisor or any other employee who received the written notice of your injury on behalf of the employer.

5. A copy of the accident report, if any, created and filed by your employer.

6. Contact information of any person(s) who can give an accurate and unbiased eyewitness account of the events surrounding your injury.

7. Treatment Records

Include the name, address and contact information of the facility where you sought medical attention after the accident.  It is always best to have the contact information of the specific physician who attended to you during this visit(s.) You should also include specific dates for when you visited the facility.

As is available, your compensation lawyer will also need to have a look at the records relating to your diagnosis and treatment. These should be signed off by your attending physician.

8. Medical Bills

Your lawyer will need to have a look at the medical bills incurred in the course of seeking treatment and evidence to show how much of it has been paid out of your pocket and what share of the expenses, if any, your employer has covered.


24 October 2018

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