Sole Custody FAQs

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Following your divorce or separation, you might opt to seek sole custody of your child. However, since Australian family law relies on the principle of the child's best interests, you are not guaranteed sole custody. Below are some sole custody FAQs that can help you understand the process of seeking sole custody.  Who Can File For Sole Custody?  Primarily, the child's parent files for sole custody. However, other parties can also seek custody of the child if they feel that the child is not in a safe environment.

27 May 2022

Separated Under One Roof: Everything You Need to Know

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If you and your spouse separate, you can choose to live under one roof. This arrangement can help your children adjust as you and your spouse sort out the details of your divorce. You can learn more about separation under one roof from this guide. How Does Australian Law Define Separated Under One Roof? Generally, the courts consider this a situation where two people no longer live together as a married couple.

11 March 2022