4 Ways You Can Get Buyers to Meet Your Asking Price When Selling a Home

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In most cases, buying and selling a home is a negotiation process. Prices are rarely set in stone, and most sellers have to adjust their asking price in response to the offers they receive. As a seller, you may be unwilling to significantly lower the price of your home for financial reasons. But rather than constantly turning down offers and taking longer to sell your home, there are ways you can make buyers feel like they're getting a good deal.

28 December 2018

8 Things Your Compensation Lawyer Will Need To Review And Assess Your Injury Claim Case

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A workers compensation lawyer is best placed to help you with your compensation claim. The initial consultation session with your lawyer can help you determine whether or not to go forward with your claim,  depending on the merits of your case. For a clear and accurate assessment, the lawyer will need specific information from you, including the following: 1. A clear summary of the accident. Include dates, specific times, a summary of what you were doing when the accident took place and your injuries following the incident.

24 October 2018