The Various Types of Compensation Claims

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'Personal injury' is an umbrella term for the different kinds of physical injury and material losses that you may suffer while on the road, at work, in a public place or building, or due to medical negligence. 

If you've been injured as a result of someone else's fault or negligence, you may be entitled to a personal injury compensation payment. However, not all personal injury compensation claims are the same, so how you handle your claim matters.

Continue reading to learn about the main types of personal injury claims that exist.

Auto accident claims

These claims relate to injury that has been suffered due to being involved in a road accident. Although car drivers are the usual parties involved in auto accident injury cases, other road users such as truck owners, trucking companies, motorcyclists, and pedestrians can also be involved.

In auto accident injury claims, the onus is on the injured party to prove that the other driver or road users were responsible for their injury.

Medical negligence claims

As the name suggests, these personal injury claims are filed when someone has suffered an injury due to a medical practitioner's misdiagnosis or negligence. Medical professionals owe their patients a duty of care and when that duty is breached, medical negligence claims may arise.

Workers' compensation claims

Workers' compensation is an employee compensation scheme that is administered by individual states across Australia and paid for by employers. Only workers are entitled to this type of compensation claim.

Under workers' compensation schemes, workers are not required to prove that their employers are at fault for their injuries. However, employees are also expected to relinquish their right to file a civil lawsuit against their employer. 

Public liability claims

If you get injured in a public place or building, such as in a park, on the sidewalk, or in a shopping mall, you may be entitled to personal injury compensation. Compensation claims arising from injuries suffered in public areas constitute public liability claims.

No matter the type of personal injury compensation claim you want to make, it's important to get an experienced lawyer to fight for you. Compensation payments are usually made by insurance companies that act on behalf of their clients. Since these companies aim to pay the least amount of compensation possible to the injured parties, you should hire a compensation lawyer to make sure you have a good chance of getting the compensation you deserve.


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